Dunlop Factory

Known to explorers as a place to find some of the best graffiti in Sydney and abandoned for over 30 years this old factory is an artistic gem. Once used to make shoes and tyres, it now stands deserted in a backstreet of a busy suburb in Sydney where many have entered the space and left their mark.

As this was one of our early explores, we were nervous and excited as we first entered via a side door into a dark and cavernous room filled with junk and where parts of the ceiling were lying on the floor. At some point some demolition had occurred but after looking around, it was obvious that the vandals had had their way with it too. Aside from the rubbish, there wasn't much else in there so we took a few photos but kept going in the hope of finding better further in. Walking down 'paper alley' we found our way to the office block only to discover that a fire had previously ravaged the space. We tried to get upstairs but the fire had left the stairs brittle and with a small amount weight they crumbled beneath our boots.

After crossing a long driveway running between the two buildings and leading to the street, where luckily the fences were overgrown and we were somewhat hidden, we found ourselves on the factory floor. The space was cool! Light streamed in through holes in the roof and all you could see was colour, everywhere, the place was covered in graffiti! We spent a few hours exploring and photographing and there was so much to see, like the hot pink spray-painted and burnt car in the corner or the little girls shoe lying in the dust. The graffiti itself was amazing, works of art, statements, tags, it didn't matter it was all great and after a few decades, the collage the place had become was it's own reward.

It had been a few hours when it started to get dark and cold outside and we figured the people who owned the stuff we found might be returning so we should head home. We returned to civilisation and replaced everything as we found it, washed up and headed home.Click on any of the photos below and check out the rest!